Every four years, the country gets caught up in the presidential election. And they should, because it's a huge decision that has to be made. But it seems like what always happens is that people get so swept up in that one that they forget about the small-scale stuff, and that stuff can have the biggest impact on their lives.

Local elections are important, and it's important to go vote and make your voice heard. Here's a list of everybody who's up for election or re-election next week. Click through and read that; it's a lot of names! If you're looking for any kind of substantial change on a national level, it starts right here on a local level.

If you're confused about where you need to go, you can look up your county's board of elections online and it'll tell you your polling place. I live in Dutchess County, and it took less than 30 seconds for me to find out where I need to be through their website. So go vote! You could have a major impact on your community.