It's the day where we can celebrate America's favorite drink behind beer. It's National Coffee Day. How and where will you celebrate the bean today?

There's an abundance of places to get coffee here in the Hudson Valley. Of course you can go to a gas station or a national chain but you're really missing out on some great local coffee. I'm aware that some of those places are even giving away free coffee and they convenient.]


I recommend that today you go out of your comfort zone, maybe leave a little earlier if you have to and head to a local coffee shop.

Instead of getting your usual try asking them to surprise you. Be adventurous and get something new. I'd recommend that you ask for their specialty.What do you have to lose?

Here a few local places that you can enjoy Coffee Day in the Hudson Valley

The Crafted Kup - Poughkeepsie

Bank Square - Coffee Beacon

North River Roasters - Poughkeepsie

2 Alice's Coffee Lounge - Newburgh

Blue Stone Roasting Company - Saugerties

If we're missing one feel free to let us know.