Some things may seem obvious but it never hurts to give a friendly reminder now and then. Here's a piece straight from the book of parking etiquette.

Right now, the weather is actually a perfect time to have your asphalt driveway or parking lot redone. Don't be surprised if you seem some local lots under construction over the next few weeks to a month.

Sometimes things happen and not every construction project is timed out perfectly.

Even after the lot may be paved and safe there is still an important step that may not have occurred yet. It still may take several days for the locations lot to have their parking lot striped.

Note how in the photo below there are no lines or signs marking a handicap spot however, there are still spots left open for someone in need.

Parking Lot

If you're going to parking at a place of business that hasn't had their lot striped yet please be courteous and remember to leave 2-3 of the closest spots for drivers with handicap stickers.

It seems like an obvious thing but without signs or the blue lines people can forget. Don't treat an untreated lot like a "free for all". Someone who needs that spot will be thankful.