Panera May Cater Your Wedding If You Propose There
Love is in the air along with cheddar brocolli soup and freshly cooked paninis.
Let's be real, weddings can be expensive. With the cost of everything being so high wouldn't it be nice to have one less thing to worry about? The food is probably one of the most costly parts of the big day. T…
Can You Guess New York's Favorite Super Bowl Food?
New York is known for having a variety of delicious food and take out at the ready at anytime. Will you be eating New York's Super Bowl favorite this year?

Superbowl Sunday is upon us. Though we don't have a New York team in the running, you've got to admit that it's pretty co…
Americans Admit to Being Social Drinkers, Are You?
Do you drink during social events or do you drink all by your lonesome? Most of the country prefers to party.

I'm not a big drinker myself but apparently these are the moments when most Americans drink in celebratory fashion. According to, they've found out when most people …
Find The Most Popular Halloween Costume The Year You Were Born
It's always tough to find a good Halloween costume. Do you go scary, funny, both? You can never go wrong with a topical costume.

Thankfully, people have been trendy with their costumes for years. Let's take a look back into the vault and see what was cool on your birth year.
NY University Claims Partying Can Lead Straight to a Career
Grab the kegs and bring out the togas. Can partying in college lead you straight down the fast track to a career?
College is a time of exploring ideas, expressions, knowledge and of course sometimes seeing just how much beer you can handle on a school night. No, I'm not condoning underage drin…
Meet the Party Master [VIDEO]
This guy not only threw the biggest party the state of Michigan has ever seen, he wants you to know he'll break the law if it means a better party.