Grab the kegs and bring out the togas. Can partying in college lead you straight down the fast track to a career? 

College is a time of exploring ideas, expressions, knowledge and of course sometimes seeing just how much beer you can handle on a school night. No, I'm not condoning underage drinking and I never would but kids will be kids. I indulged in the party scene and I turned out just fine. The Hudson Valley is home to many colleges. Is partying good for you.

Italian Youths Shop, Socialize And Party
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According to Grapevine, Cornell University studied just how much partying it takes to get a job after they graduate.

The study showed that students who binge drank did not fare well in snagging a job. However, students participated in social drinking at least six times per week were 10% more likely to get a job after school.

Why do you think this is? My theory is that the students who are partying are gaining social skills and networking with other students. Besides, when it comes to getting a job it's all about who you know, right?