For the last few months I have been getting invites on Facebook for people who are having LuLaRoe parties or virtual parties. There have been days when I have gotten two or three invites.

Here is my question, 'What is it?" Is it some 'girl' thing that I am unable to live without? (GASP!) I guess I have not been having a complete and happy life because this has not been in it. Is this my key to finally getting to have dinner with Tom Cruise? When I have this will I be able to drive around in a Ferrari with Tom Selleck? BTW it is a complete coincidence that both of these guys have the first name Tom, but I digress.

I actually opened a search engine and typed in, 'What is LuLaRoe?"

Here is the definition from a consultant (aka salesperson) Jen Boggio

LuLaRoe is a California-based clothing manufacturer that sells through Independent Consultants, like me. We sell at pop-up parties (in the home, in our homes or online) and here on Facebook. LuLaRoe makes clothing for women, children and men.

So the invitations that I am getting from people to participate in their shopping event or party. Think of these invites as being invited to a Pampered Chef or Tupperware Party. You will have a sales consultant and a hostess for the party. The hostess will earn points in free clothing based on how much you the invitee or guest purchase.

Will these clothing pieces change your life? Will you get to have dinner with Tom Cruise or drive around with Tom Selleck? Probably not, but if either happens, let me know.

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