All of the Targets all over the United States will stop selling these because of fights that have broken out over them. Pokemon and sports cards are being pulled from the shelves. During the pandemic, for whatever reason, these cards have soared in popularity and people cannot wait to get their hands on them for whatever reason.

Even people in Western New York have been LINED UP outside of a Target to get these cards as soon as the stores open. What they do is buy the box of sports cards or packet of Pokemon cards and resell them on the internet for some INSANE markups. For instance, people are able to buy a box of NFL cards at Target for about 20 bucks and then flip them for 200 bucks on ebay. But, the problem is people are so obsessed with it that they are getting in fights and Target has had enough of it.

After an incident in Wisconsin, Target pulled all the cards and said they will temporarily not be available in stores and you can ONLY get them on

Last Friday, outside of a Target in Brookfield, Wisconsin, a group of four men assaulted a 35-year-old man as he left the store with several boxes of sports trading cards. During the assault, the victim, a valid concealed carry permit holder, raised his weapon and scared off his attackers", according to WIVB.

It is absolutely ridiculous that it came to that....over trading cards. Hopefully, in the future the cards can be back on the shelves without.....grown men whipping out their guns.

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