Movies and chicken wings compliment each other so well. If you think you're a movie buff, you might want to see how your knowledge can get you two free passes to Hudson Valley Wing Wars.

In most instances, I'm a pacifist but when it comes to chicken wings I say we strap in and got war. On January 20, Hudson Valley restaurants will duke it out to see who has the best chicken wings. All the details and ticket information can be found here.

You'd better plan on going. Better yet, you can try to win some free tickets.

Tune in to The WRRV Morning Grind with Brandi & Nick tomorrow at 7am to test your airplane movie trivia. If you're caller ten with the right answer you could be getting ready to shovel down some of the best wings of your lifetime. It's easy. We'll give you three clues and you have to guess the film or TV show.

Here are some sample question to help you prepare.


  • This 1997 film had an all star cast and has gone down as a cult classic.
  • Criminal mastermind “Cyrus the Virus” shows just what happens when the inmates run the asylum at 39,000 feet.
  • Before You call in I'd really like you to CONtemplate your answer...



Good luck and may the odds be ever in your flavor.