You are either a person who likes pickles or you could care less about them. When they come on your plate as a garnish, do you get excited or are you like "Why is that thing touching the rest of my food?"

Regardless of which type of person you are, you are totally correct in how you feel. Do you like pickles but don't enjoy cucumbers? I hear ya! 

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How many types of pickles are there?

Jars of Pickles
Photo by Townsend Walton on Unsplash

Crunchy, garlicky, bread & butter, there are so many different types of pickles, some that you might like, others might make your skin crawl.

What is the best way to eat pickles?

Spoons, Instagram
Spoons, Instagram

You can eat pickles straight out of the jar, sliced on a sandwich or pureed into relish for a hot dog. Which is your favorite? Do you get them in the refrigerator section or on the store shelves, next to the mustard?

I grew up with my mom making pickles, so there are one or two types that I still cannot eat to this day, but there are others where I am like "bring those over here." For the purpose of this discussion, the pickles that we are referring to are made with some sort of cucumber. Let's just keep it to that. While there are many other tasty types of pickled vegetables, let's just focus on the ones that are cucumber based.

Which is your favorite? Do you like the small gherkin style? The bread & butter? The ones that you put on hamburgers? Do you make your own?

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What were those kinds of pickles you had at the diner? What are the little tiny pickles called? And can pickles be made from things other than cucumbers?

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