If you're looking to have a unique camping experience away from traditional public and private campgrounds, you may want to check out Tentrr. It's being called the Airbnb for campsites and many of its available sites are in the Hudson Valley.

The Times Herald-Record reports owner Michael D'Agostino and his wife Eloise were inspired to start the business after a terrible 2014 camping experience that ended up with a naked woman running through their campsite. On that drive home, they spotted beautiful farmland along the way and thought about how great it would be to camp there.

In 2015 Tentrr was founded by D'Agostino and connects prospective campers directly to private landowners who are called Campkeepers. These Campkeepers offer up fully equipped campsites on their private property for people to camp out in. It's not considered 'glamping' but instead pretty bare bones. According to details on their website:

Tentrr builds remarkable, fully-equipped individual campsites on big pieces of private land so you can run free. There is an amazing expedition tent all set up and waiting for you (and another one for your friends or the kids), a CampBox (sleek food preparation and picnic table), a camp toilet (elegant in its simplicity), a fire pit with a grill and comfy chairs.

Tenttr has offices in West Hurley, Strousberg, PA, Portland Maine and New York City. 100,000 users are expected to book sites through their website this year. The Times Herald-Record goes on to report, for every 100 campsites in an area, $1 million is injected into the local economy.

What do you think, is a camping trip through Tentrr in your future?

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