Do you like bears and WRRV? Then keep reading.

Every year, Katmai National Park in Alaska holds a cutthroat competition amongst their resident bears. The competition is called Fat Bear Week. And it's also not one bit cutthroat. Fat Bear Week is a single-elimination bracket-style contest where people can vote on their favorite bear as it fattens up in preparation for hibernation. You can check out Fat Bear Week on Katmai National Park's Facebook starting September 30, 2020.

In the meantime, Taylor needs your help for another reason. In preparation for Fat Bear Week, there is a campaign poster contest. This is where people have created posters to campaign for their favorite bear. Winners get a coffee mug. You can vote for Taylor's poster here. Below is a design of her poster supporting 32 Chunk, her favorite fat bear.

Taylor Dickson
Taylor Dickson

Taylor loves bears. She had a close encounter with a black bear when camping this summer. Taylor literally fought off a black bear when camping. Well, not really. She just kind of yelled at it to go away after it had already gotten her food bag out of a tree. The pictures of the bear are below too.

Katmai National Park has the largest brown bear population of any national park in the world. They have roughly 2,200 bears. The park says that you should expect to encounter bears when visiting the park. Last year's Fat Bear Week was 435 Holly. Check out this picture of her.

Remember, vote for Fat Bear Week and vote for Taylor's poster so she can win a coffee mug.

Taylor Fought Off a Bear