Migrant birds are returning here to the Hudson Valley as the warmer temperatures and longers days of Spring begin. How many birds actually leave New York and travel to warmer climates for winter?

Not all birds pack up and take that long flight during winter. Chickadees, Northern Cardinals, and Red-Tailed Hawks tough it out during winter awaiting the spring breeding season. You may have seen and heard some birds outside your home. The earliest of migrants birds return in March and April.

I got excited when I heard the birds chirping again, and I went and filled my bird feeder. You may have done the same, but just be aware that birds are not the only ones returning to the Hudson Valley, as the DEC has warned New Yorkers to bring bird feeders indoors as bears are waking up and they are hungry. There have been many sightings already this spring from Hudson Valley residents.

Here are some birds you can expect to see in the coming weeks here in the Hudson Valley.

The Birds Are Back in Town

Find out which birds return to the Hudson Valley in the spring.

Creatures Emerging From Hibernation

There are many different creatures that hibernate during those colder months, like other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects according to New York State Parks Department.

See what sort of animals could be waking up in your Hudson Valley neighborhood in March and April.

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