It's one of the biggest comedy classics of all time and you'll be able to catch its return to the big screen at The Bardavon this fall.

The Princess Bride was released in October of 1987 according to IMDB. The movie was made on an estimated $16 million dollar budget and was a massive flop opening weekend only taking in just over $200,000. But it went on to become a cult classic and ended up making north of $30 million at the box office when all was said and done.

But the cultural impact has been felt long past its run in theaters. Chances are you've probably quoted the movie or heard someone do so without even realizing it. Plus it was wrestler Andre The Giants finest acting work. Here's a look at the famous sword fight scene between our hero Westley and Inigo Montoya who was on the hunt for the infamous six fingered man.

On Friday December 1st, kick off the month with an 8PM showing at the Bardavon. Tickets are on sale now and could sell out in advance. Kudos to the Bardavon for bringing classic films like this back to life on the big screen.

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