I'm fascinated by bad parking jobs. Everything about them is interesting to me: that someone could acquire a license without being able to functionally position their automobile between two lines, that people don't notice their parking is horrible, and the people who get out of their cars, see that they've parked in a way that affects others' ability to park/open doors/whatever and then decide "Eh, screw 'em" and keep waddling into the McDonald's.

So, I've decided that we should--as a community--get together to highlight and raise awareness of bad parking jobs throughout the Hudson Valley. If you happen to see one, take a photo and send it to me @DeuceRadio on Twitter or via email.

I'll start things off with this one!

"Gotta park in all 4 spots, bro. No one is allowed to park near me. That's a Toyota f'n Corolla. Protect it at all costs."