Summers are great in The Hudson Valley. There can be sporadic weather conditions that ruin events but under normal circumstances, there is a lot of outdoor activities to engage in during favorable weather.

Over the past decade I've noticed families are changing up their normal movie night routine. With the accessibility to decent quality projectors, it's easy to show a DVD on a larger screen without having to buy a big screen TV. Some families have gone as far as setting their projectors up outside and having their very own Drive-In style movie night by projecting a movie on to the side of their house.

This is great for keeping kids and adults happy during those delayed summer nights when it's nearly impossible to get a child to fall asleep before 9pm.

The photo shown is an actual backyard to a residents in the Rhinebeck, NY area. The owner used his projector and a screen outside and a guest posted this photo to Facebook. It was a perfect set-up and according the owner of the property, they only paid $300 for their projector.

This seems cost effective and would be great after a bbq. The only other addition necessary would be a small fire pit for marshmallow roasting purposes.