Taylor loves to rock climb and Nick has never done it before...until The Morning Grind took a field trip.

You've probably heard Taylor, half of The Morning Grind, talk on-air about how much she loves to go indoor rock climbing. Well, bouldering to be specific. There are all kinds of climbing like top rope, lead, and free. Taylor likes to boulder because she doesn't really like heights (and doesn't have the endurance for top rope).

Nick, the other half of The Morning Grind, has never climbed in his life. Taylor, and their boss, wanted to change that. So one day, they all got together and headed over to a Gravity Vault in Poughkeepsie to show him the ropes. Nick and Taylor stuck to strictly bouldering, so no ropes involved. Taylor taught him the basics, like rules of climbing and some tips. She even taught him how to fall, because yes that is real in bouldering. Check out a video of them climbing together.

While Nick was definitely scared at first, he picked it up with no problem. Nick was climbing V1s by the end of the day! With a little practice and repetition, Nick will be climbing higher levels in no time. It looks like Taylor might have totally hooked Nick on bouldering after all.

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