Our friends at Lawn Love are back at it. Earlier this week they helped us identify the best cities in the United States for Vampires and now they have released their results for the Top 200 US cities for Witches.

They did the comparison by applying their criteria against the 200 biggest cities in the United States. According to the email they sent containing the research results, Lawn Love used access to covens, astrology classes and tarot card readers to help rank where a city would land on their survey of 200 U.S. cities.

So before you go thinking you know the answer to the "Best City for Witches" remember this survey was done by looking at the 200 biggest cities in the United States. So that means that Salem, Massachusetts didn't make the list. However, it did earn an honorable mention at the end of the survey along with Cassadaga, Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; Hartford, Connecticut and Lily Dale, New York as America's most enchanting destinations.

So what city did make the top of the list? The answer may surprise you. According to this survey the 2021 Best City for Witches is good old New York, New York. That's right our very own big apple topped the chart. (click here to see the whole list.)

Apparently, according to this research not only is New York the best city for witches it is also the top city for covens and supplies. There are many witch groups you can join in New York plus NYC is home to Witchsfest USA. an annual event held in July.

Some other fun statistics from the research

Yonkers NY ranked 5th for the most Astrologers per 100,000 residents

New York NY ranked 1st for the most gemstone and mineral shops

Laredo TX ranked last number 200 on the list of Best Cities for Witches.

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