Let me first say that the food at McDonald’s is probably delicious. I know it used to be, but the older I get, the healthier I try to eat. So if I’m in line at McDonald’s, I’m there to get a cup of coffee, which by the way is great coffee. But the other day I was getting coffee and I was also a bit hungry so I thought I’d get something to eat, but try to stick to healthier stuff.

Here I am in my car, looking at the menu, and I can’t find the grilled chicken sandwiches. So, I asked the voice at the other end if they still make grilled chicken wraps. No, we don’t have those, she replied. And I said okay, how about a grilled chicken sandwich? No. we don’t have those either, she replied. And I said okay, what kind of grilled chicken do you have? We don’t have grilled chicken, she replied. Whaaaat? No grilled chicken? You used to have grilled chicken, you must be mistaken, I said. Nope, no grilled chicken anything, she replied.

So I got my coffee, went home and hopped on my computer to prove her wrong. No grilled chicken, indeed. I’m going to go online and print out the McDonald’s menu and march right back up there and show that employee how she was mistaken. I’ll show her all the grilled chicken features on the menu I find online.

Except there was no grilled chicken on the menu. None. It was crispy chicken this and crispy chicken that. I’m honestly shocked. McDonald’s really doesn’t sell grilled chicken anymore? When did this happen? I felt like it was such a healthy alternative to red meat or fried foods. Is there no McDonald’s anywhere that still makes grilled chicken? And am I the last to know about this?

Oh well, McDonald’s. I’m not going to say I’m not disappointed. I am. But I suppose you have to make what sells, and I guess we live in a fried food world. Don’t worry, I still visit you for the coffee.

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