Wing Wars 2018 was my first ever wing fest! I was blown away by how many different flavors there were to sample. But going from booth to booth eating one wing after another, it becomes clear to the novice wing enthusiast that a beverage is required. How does one hold their wings and beer at the same time while trying to chow down? I give you the Original Great Plate!

Such a simple yet useful design that would make the losers of Shark Tank drip with envy. This plate comfortably held my beer while the various restaurants served their wings in the surrounding area almost creating a shrine of deliciousness.

With the ability to hold both my drink AND my wings in one hand, my other hand took care of chicken to mouth transportation.

I bought two of these plates for $5 and it was well worth the investment. This is going to make snacking during a football party so much easier without needing a table to put your drink down.