I misread this at first, too, but this is NOT A THEATER CAMP. This is a casting opportunity for children for a movie called "Theater Camp." Regardless, it sounds like a lot of fun!

"Theater Camp" Casting

HBG Casting is looking for children ages 9 to 16 for "Theater Camp," a feature film being shot in the Hudson Valley area. The film is to be a comedy that will see a theatrical and streaming release.

Some important information about the contractual details are:

"Pays $120/day (nonunion), and $182 (union). Production states: "Mandatory Zone A production as per the producers. If your child has a medical or religious exemption, have that handy. We don't want anyone to miss out. Children 11 and under must be vaccinated in order to film. Children 12 and over must be vaccinated and boosted in order to film. According to the newly re-negotiated return to work agreement, all Zone A cast and crew must be up to date with their vaccines, including boosters, by March 15. The return to work agreement stipulates that effective March 15, 2022 only individuals who are 'up to date' on their vaccines, as that term is defined by the CDC, shall be considered 'fully vaccinated.' Reasonable accommodations will be made as required by law for individuals who cannot be vaccinated due to a medical condition or a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance."
- HBG Casting

The casting call is looking for children of all ethnicities. When you apply, it is required to include whether or not your child has been vaccinated, if they are boosted, their address, if they have an up to date New York work permit, the child's age, and the best email of contact. As for required media, one will need to submit a Headshot/Photo and a cover letter.

Parents Needed for Casting

Though the casting call is looking for tons of kids for multiple days of shooting, there are some opportunities for parents, too.  "Theater Camp" also has a couple days where they need people to play parents. They are looking for actors ages 25 through 60. Again, when you apply, you must state your vaccination status, your address, best form of contact, headshot/photo, and cover letter. It also asks if you have a car to self-report.


The shooting dates might be hard to work around with school, being that it is shooting June 6 through July 1st, according to the website. filming will take place in "the Hudson Valley, Warwick, and Newburgh, NY areas." If you can steal your kid from school for a few days, I think this would be an incredible opportunity for them. That, and if you want to play a parent, try to get out of work and have some fun on a movie set! All the details on how to apply are here. That, or check out Backstage, as well!

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