I've owned a home for 4 years and every year I do my part to make Halloween fun for my community. As simple as it sounds, just having candy for trick-or-treaters and being available to hand it out goes a long way. I do my best to mix up the high end candy with more cost effective bags purchased in stores.

What I found to be very interesting is the trend of parents who follow trick-or-treaters around. I'm glad that they are there to make sure their children are safe and have fun but their smart phones are out the whole time and aimed at the kids and me. I smile and wave since I don't mind being recorded but a lot of parents are using a Facebook Live feed.

Parents are not just recording the memory but are broadcasting live on the internet for everyone to see. Most people I've spoken to about this are a little uncomfortable with it and could lead to less and less homes opening their doors for strangers. Do you think this is ok? Is it an invasion of privacy? Let us know in the comments below.