Who knew?

As we all get prepared for another cold and snowy Hudson Valley winter, yes I said it, most of us are starting to get the way we heat our houses figured out. If you haven't been paying attention, oil and gas prices have gotten way out of control once again, so taking another route this year might make the winter "hurt" it causes on the pocket book a little less painful.

How? WOOD!!!

If it's an option, you may want to go the wood stove route. My "lady" friend is lucky enough to have a wood stove and fireplace at her house and last weekend she got her first wood delivery at the house. The people that she bought her wood from in years past would always deliver it and stack it for her next to the house. Just my luck this year those guys aren't selling wood, so she had to find another "wood guy" and when she did, she put in her order.

She ordered two cords of the good burning DRY stuff and told me that the price was actually better than the guys she normally used, so its a good thing she had to switch up. I was surprised that the price was lower with the way everything is way higher today that it's ever been.

My surprise ended when the wood was delivered. You see, it was just dumped on the side of the house and not stacked like the old guys would do. That explains everything..LOL! Now growing up in the Catskill's I'm no stranger to stacking wood, so I offered to help her stack it so it stay in good burning condition for the winter.

As we got ready to start stacking she asked me if there's a right and wrong way to stack? Should it be stacked with the bark facing up or should it be facing down? I stopped for a second and though about it...I've done this a million times and never thought about the right and wrong way to do it.

Is there a right or wrong way to stack firewood?

I couldn't come up with an answer myself, so I went online and any of the answers I found had some very passionate people saying their way was the right way. I think the answer that makes the most sense is that you should stack it BARK UP, so that pools of water won't form in the u-shaped part between the bark and the wood. Wet wood is NO GOOD!

When you stack wood should the bark be face UP or DOWN? Call or text us!

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