I guess it wouldn't be hard to just walk out with a fresh pair of kicks right?

I was recently shopping at a shoe store here in the Hudson Valley and I came across something that I had never encountered before. I'm no stranger to buying shoes. I'm not obsessed or anything but I never had nice shoes growing up so now I make it a point to get nice ones.

While at the store I saw a nice pair of Timberland boots on display.

I immediately went to try them on. I grabbed the box with my size only to find the box had only one shoe in it.

"It must be a mistake". I thought as I grabbed another box. Again, the new box had one shoe as well. I literally went through every box and they all had only one shoe inside.

The manager approached me and said that they keep the other shoe in the back. It's one of the most stolen brands of shoes so they don't keep them together.

I've honestly never heard of this. I guess if you're going to steal shoes they better be Tims, right?