The other day I was driving on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie and I passed the now closed O’Sho Japanese Steakhouse. It was once full of happy diners sipping on sake and eating sushi and hibachi. Now it’s just an empty building. A big, old, beautiful empty building that is slowly deteriorating. Sadly, that’s the case with lots of our old favorite Hudson Valley Restaurants.

While it’s true that we lost a lot of restaurants during the covid pandemic, many have been sitting empty since way before covid. I was thinking about some of the places around the Hudson Valley that once served fine dinners to hungry crowds. There are a few in the Poughkeepsie area that I can think of, and a couple in Ulster County too. Many great restaurants have been replaced by other great restaurants, but these once-popular eateries are now just sad looking buildings.

There is something depressing about seeing something that was once a shining star become a dilapidated building that is now nothing more than an eyesore. It’s sad to think about the happy meals that are now just faint memories. Here are a few examples of properties in the Hudson Valley that were once hot dining spots but are now forlorn looking buildings. I know I've had my share of good meals and good times at most of these places.

These Forlorn Buildings Were Once Fine Hudson Valley Restaurants

Sad Now, But They Were Once Crowded Hudson Valley Eateries

What are some of your favorite restaurants that have closed and become neglected properties? We’d love to here about them and add them to our list. Hopefully, someone will come in, save the buildings and make them beautiful once again.

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