So today is February 2, Groundhogs Day. I think about what Punxsutawny Phil is going to think about his shadow and how I hope that my life will never turn into a Bill Murray movie.

This morning after I found out that the 'ole Phil saw his shadow and is forecasting that we are going to have an additional 6 weeks of winter, I got to thinking, 'What would it be great if the groundhog could also tell us about?'

Here is what I wish that the Groundhog could tell me about the Hudson Valley:

  • Where can I get the best eggplant parm sandwich?
  • Where can I get my car detailed and they will pick it up to do it while I am working?
  • Why can't the person in front of me on Route 9, I-84, the Taconic State Parkway, ok any road, actually use their blinker to signal a lane change?
  • Why can I only get a parking spot at the train station when I am an hour early for the train?
  • Where in the Hudson Valley can I go for the best happy hour drinks and eats?
  • Why do the bicyclists on the Walkway over the Hudson feel a deep need to run me over when they have a tremendous amount of room on the other side of me?

How great would it be if the groundhog could tell us about all of these things? Do you have a list of things that you would like the groundhog to get you answers for?