One problem that I had growing up here was that I felt like there were so few things to do. There is a joke about small towns:

Things people do in small towns:

Drive around.

Eat at the same 2 restaurants.

Drive around more.

Go to a town that is slightly bigger.

Make a bonfire.

Call a friend to see if they want to drive around.

And to an extent, that can feel true, especially if you have a very limited income. I know that my friends and I growing up around here would find ourselves getting stuck in ruts, getting bored of the same activities over and over again. Even in college before turning 21, we often felt lost about what to do and where to go. We didn’t want to be homebodies- we wanted to find something to do that fit our interests and our budgets.

So, if you happen to find yourself in a similar rut, I recommend checking out these options here. The thing is, Poughkeepsie has so much to offer, but when you live in an area, sometimes you miss things. When I say “Poughkeepsie,” I mean the Poughkeepsie area, with neighboring towns. Also, this list isn’t just good for anyone under 21, this list applies to anyone looking for something to do. Heck, I do a lot of these things on a normal basis now! If anything, it is more a list of rather inexpensive ways to enjoy oneself where age is not a concern.

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