If you've ever wanted to explore an entire abandoned neighborhood in Upstate New York, you're a few years too late to see the houses located at Woodhaven Park in Rome New York. However, these photos still exist from a few years back.

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In Rome, from the nineties through 2017 you would have found an entire neighborhood of abandoned homes off of Gansevoort Avenue. These homes were closed off to the public since 1999. We were lucky to tour them before they were torn down, you can see those photos below.

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Originally, these homes were beautiful and full of families. Woodhaven Park was the home of many workers stationed at Griffiss Air Force Base. Once the base closed in 1995, the need for base housing ended. Families moved on to other assignments, and the houses lay abandoned.

Around 1999, the homes started to breathe some life into them as temporary housing for Woodstock '99 workers from out of town. After that, the homes remained vacant for many years. They were recently torn down, and all that remains is an empty field.

So What Happened To The Homes After Being Torn Down?

New homes were replaced with the old. Alex Cooley, the licensed realtor/site rep for Woodhaven in Rome, shared photos and more about these new homes in the People Places and Opinions of Rome NY Facebook group.

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Alex reports that these are single family homes for sale:

We are currently offering 2 floorplans. Base pricing for the 2 models are $352,000 and $395,000. We will be having open houses every Saturday & Sunday from 12pm-4pm (unless otherwise noted online.) I will be there every weekend to answer any questions anyone may have!"

We will show you the former houses first, then you can check out the new ones below that:

Exploring The Former Abandoned Woodhaven Park In Rome- 2016 Photos

Check Out The All New Woodhaven Housing In Rome New York

Have you been curious to take a look at the all new Woodhaven Housing in Rome New York? Here's your chance.