Lake George is a year-round destination for Hudson Valley residents. A quick 2-hour trip up north will bring you to beautiful Adirondack views, historic landmarks, and a haunted hotel?

According to Haunted Hudson Valley, one of the most popular resorts Lake George hosts ghost tours all year round. The Sagamore Resort is a 4-star hotel with a deep history and is an official landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places and a member of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts, Historic Hotels of America, as explained on their website.

So what makes The Sagamore haunted? Haunted Hudson Valley shares 8 different stories ranging from a figure of a male ghost standing in the corner of a room, to a room on the second floor being occupied by a maid who was caught having an affair and killed back in the 1930s. They add that many of these spirits that haunt the resort are "transients who vacationed here in life and continue to vacation here even now."

The hauntings aren't limited to the hotel itself. The golf course is known to get paranormal activity. Haunted History Trail writes:

On The Sagamore Golf Course is a spirit of a little boy from the 1950’s who was killed by a car while chasing golf balls. It is said that he likes to play pranks on the golfers.

Ghost tours are available throughout the year at The Sagamore. While you can book a stay, rooms start at $299 a night, and wander around the hotel and discover its haunted history...Ghost Hunting is by appointment only.

For more details on how to snag your Ghost Hunting tour check out Haunted History Trail of New York's website. 

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