Is New York state a haven for people trying to escape a mundane and routine lifestyle? Packing up your life and getting a one way bus ticket to New York is something you see in the movies but is it a real thing that happens regularly?Do you live in a small town but have big dreams? If so, the state of New York could be the best place to start fresh.

If you've ever had a streak where it seems like things just aren't going right and you need to escape to a new city. You would think that New York City would be a great place to run away. It sounds romantic and poetic, doesn't it? You could join a theater group on Broadway, hit it big in the movies, be a writer for Rolling Stone, or a street musician. The movies make it seem so simple.


In reality, the best place in New York to start over may be Buffalo.  it may be hard to believe but Buffalo is the hottest place to start a new life. According to a survey posted on on, it's got the lowest median rent at about coming in at about $730. The average income is just over $52,000. I can't believe they didn't even factor in the wings.

Why is Buffalo the hottest place to start fresh? You do get the big city lifestyle without the hustle and traffic. You'd also get professional sports teams and amazing concerts.