Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool--a casting that almost every single comic book fan has dreamed about--is finally, mercifully on its way. And this video gives every reason to be excited.

When it comes to something as meta and unconventional as the character of Deadpool, it makes sense that the marketing for the film based on the character would be similarly meta and unconventional. But I've gotta give credit where it's due: the marketing team for this film has been knocking it out of the ballpark. The trailers have been great, everything involving the film has been great thus far, and this video takes things to another level.

Watch as Deadpool attempts to assemble a team of X-Men from children in costume and proves why Ryan Reynolds is a natural fit. Also, keep an eye out for the fourth-wall breaking that the character does as soon as the Green Lantern is mentioned. So, so awesome.