Are you and the kids getting stir crazy? Did you know that there's place locally where you can go to get outside and learn a little bit too?

There's a small zoo in Dutchess County? Wallaby damned...

N. Kessler
N. Kessler

One of my fondest memories when I was kid was going to the Detroit Zoo with my mom. It was about an hour away in busy traffic and all the way home I remember screaming and singing about how fun it was all the way home. Fast forward 25 years and I'm still having a blast at the zoo. I found one that's a lot closer and with way shorter lines.

Everyone always talks up the Bronx Zoo. It's extremely popular and I understand why. It's pretty massive and I'm sure they have a ton of exhibits.However, the fact remains that the Bronx Zoo could easily be an hour away or more for most of us.

It seems to be the one that everyone in Hudson valley like to go to. I'm not sure why. Especially when we have a zoo right right in the Hudson Valley.


Have you been to the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook? It has all kinds of animals to view and learn about. The Trevor Zoo has animals that are native to North America and exotic ones from across the globe.

According to their website, Trevor Zoo has over 80 different species at the location from baby lemurs, snow owls to bobcats. The Trevor Zoo also protects endangered species as well.

Right now the zoo is open 7 days a week from 9AM5PM-5pm by reservation only. Take a look at some more of the residents below.

A Trip to the Trevor Zoo in Millbrook

Forget the Bronx Zoo, take a trip to this hidden zoo in the Hudson Valley located right in Millbrook. View and learn about 80+ animals from all over the world at this 6-acre spot. Established in 1936, the Trevor Zoo is the only zoo in the U.S. located at a high school. Take a look at the Trevor Zoo map to see who you could run into.

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