Why do we take pictures here? No one really cares and wall all know it.

Pics or it didn't happen, right? Is anyone else tired of seeing the same pictures over and over again? The Hudson Valley has way more to offer.

The Hudson Valley is filled with so many beautiful landscapes. I think this area has many amazing spots and almost all of them are worthy of a photo or two but how many times do you need to capture the same moment on top of the same mountain?

If you're scrolling through Facebook or Instagram you'll notice several photos that are almost all identical. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone who climbs Mount Beacon or Breakneck Ridge or any small mountain trail always seems to have to post about it afterward? I'll admit that I'm guilty of this too but I've got to help put it to rest.

I've climbed Mount Beacon at least two dozen times in the past year and every single time I make sure I get a selfie or a picture of the mountain top like I've never seen it before. Is it because the sight is so astonishing that we're blinded by the beauty every time? It might be but I think there's a much simpler explanation. I think we all want a 'hey look at me' moment.

You climbed Mount Beacon and took a photo for evidence. Are we looking for a gold star?

Why the heck do we do this? No one really cares.

Who are these pictures for? Are they for you? Are they for your friends? I hate to break it to you but we've probably climbed the same trail. Your selfie is that special.

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