A fight between two golfers has a lot of wondering about a criminal charge they had no idea existed.

Recently, a news story broke out about two men in a golf course who got into a fight that got so heated that one of them bit off the other's finger. According to WCVB, the man was charged with a crime called "mayhem" which has many people scratching their heads. It makes me think of the bad guy from the All State commercials.

Here's the definition of mayhem per Law.com's legal dictionary.

"The criminal act of disabling, disfiguring or cutting off or making useless one of the members (leg, arm, hand, foot, eye) of another either intentionally or in a fight, called maiming."

We may know this charge we've just never heard it called "mayhem" before. In several states it's called aggravated assault. Mayhem is a way better name. If someone is going to dismember me I'd say that's more than an aggravation.

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