Right now, you can buy a house built in a very peculiar place. In fact it might land you in the Guinness Book of World Records. Or at least it could get you detained by boarder patrol.

According to TIME, there is a house for sale that has it all. It's got a cozy size that contains nine bedrooms and five bathrooms. If you're wondering about the view it has a pretty nice one of both the United States and out neighbors to the north.

The house that has an address on 155 Beebe Road, Derby, Vermont also splits a property line with Quebec.

Talk about some lousy neighbors? I'm joking of course. They're actually probaby the best neighbors to have. Instead of asking for a cup of sugar you could go ask for some free health care.

The one strange catch behind buying this house is the dual citizenship. You have to be an Americ-Adian.

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