Culinary magazine Bon Appetit has created a massive list of America's Favorite Neighborhood Eateries. 80 restaurants from all over the country were selected, and three of them are from right here in the Hudson Valley.

Those restaurants would be The Red Rooster in Brewster, Top Taste in Kingston, and Gianonni's Deli in Scarsdale. It's worth clicking through, as each restaurant has a long entry on the site explaining what makes them so great. Occasional celebrity guests pop in to write about their favorite places, and Parks and Recreation's Ben Schwartz gives his own firsthand account of Gianonni's. (Schwartz's family is from Tarrytown, which I know because he's talked about it on Comedy Bang! Bang! and not because I'm a creepy stalker, I swear).

Are you a fan of any of these restaurants? Is there another place in the Hudson Valley you'd like to see represented on a list like this?

Bonus Video: WRRV Morning Grind