The second, and often forgotten single, off of There Is Nothing Left To Lose, hit the radio airwaves in 2000. Think about that for a second.

17 years ago. Good lord. (I know the description on the blog is a little confusing, but the song was added as a SINGLE in the year 2000, while the album was released in November of 1999.)

The song released before it, "Learn To Fly", and after it, "Break Out", both did better in the radio charts than "Stacked Actors". But it was still pretty popular. #8 on the US Alt charts and #11 on the US Mainstream Rock Charts.

Getting sandwiched in between rock mammoths like it is will cause you to get forgotten and QUICK, but I feel like "Stacked Actors" was a real precursor to how the Foos would eventually end up sounding. They don't sound like "Learn To Fly" anymore....they've got more a rock vibe now, with some gangly guitars which can switch in between sounds. With a more guttural vocal sound. Which is EXACTLY what "Stacked" sounds like.

Regardless. Time to feel all cozy warm remembering all the feels with this song, and amazingly old that it was unleashed into the world almost 18 years ago.