For those of us with little ones in the house, sometimes the idea of being home on winter break for all these days is a lot to handle - what are we going to do to keep them occupied?  Even with all the new Christmas gifts, toys, and so on, cabin fever sets in pretty quickly (in my house anyway, and I know i'm not alone).

Thankfully, the Trevor Zoo at Millbrook School is celebrating Visit the Zoo Day today, December 27th, and offering free admission for kids under 12.  Adults are $6 each and operating hours are 9am-5pm today.

If you've never been, Trevor Zoo is a fun local place to visit, and the only zoo in the country at a high school.  According to their facebook page, the zoo:

  • houses more than 180 exotic and indigenous animals
  • has 80 different species represented
  • is home to 9 endangered species
  • houses a veterinary clinic

Visit the Zoo Day at Trevor Zoo is a perfect opportunity to check out a great attraction right in our backyard while also saving some cash, and plus, it gets the kids out of the house for a bit!

A cute Red Panda in the wild
Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Jack_Yue