I remember seeing one trailer for this movie on Facebook a while ago. It looked interesting but not enough to pay to see it. Was it worth what it costs for two people to go to the movies in this day and age? I decided it wasn't and I'm glad. This wasn't the greatest film of all time but it was very well done.

Tom Cruise plays a real person in a loose interpretation of their life. One of a drug smuggling pilot who supposedly worked for the CIA. At least that's what the movie plot was, the actual facts about the main character Barry Seal don't match the timeline of the movie but that doesn't prevent this movie from being entertaining from beginning to end.

Ever since the movie Blow came out, I've always been intrigued by the story of Pablo Escobar. It was cool seeing him being referenced heavily in the HBO show Entourage. The movie shows Barry Seal played by Tom Cruise meeting and dealing the Pablo Escobar in the 70s and 80s. Smuggling drugs across the border via twin engine planes.

I recommend this movie if you have cable, it's running this month in the Poughkeepsie area on HBO. It has reasonable and believable action sequences and plenty of intense scenerious that reminded me of moments in the show Breaking Bad. That's another show I can talk about forever. I'm picturing a future blog series in my head....I'll get back to you on it.