In the past few years, there have been several occasions where we had the opportunity to see a supermoon. Well tonight, we get to see a full glimpse of the only visible supermoon of 2017.

According to CNN, the last supermoon occurred in November of 2016 and was the closest the moon has been to the earth since 1948. The supermoon tonight will be brighter and appear larger than it ever has before.

CNN states that tonight's supermoon will be 16% brighter and 7% larger. Tonight the moon will be 222,135 miles from Earth. Sources tell CNN that the best time to see the supermoon is right after sunset and into the moon rise or minutes before the sunrises.

The forecast tonight for the Hudson Valley is looking promising. If you're planning on heading outside tonight, grab a coat and a hat. The National Weather Service is reporting partly cloudy skies tonight and a low near 29 degrees.

If you're worried about missing tonight's supermoon, have no fear. The supermoon forecast has us scheduled for two more supermoons in January of 2018