Before Labor Day 2017, we here at WRRV asked you to submit your 5 favorite WRRV songs to help us compile a list of the best of the best for the countdown of the Top 500 songs that we play.

This is the third year that we have done the countdown and you were so amazing with all of the songs that you suggested and requested. Here is what the Top 15 songs looked like for the WRRV Labor Day Top 500 2017. Can we get a really awesome drum roll?

  • 15. 311, Down
  • 14. Green Day, Longview
  • 13. Harvey Danger, Flagpoll Sitta
  • 12. Temple of the Dog, Say Hello to Heaven
  • 11. Linkin Park, In The End
  • 10. Sublime, Santeria
  • 9. Lit, My Own Worst Enemy
  • 8. Stone Temple Pilots, Plush
  • 7. Blink 182, Dammit (Grownin' Up
  • 6. Incubus, Pardon Me
  • 5. Blur, Song 2
  • 4. Foo Fighters, All My Life
  • 3. Sublime, What I Got
  • 2. Pearl Jam, Jeremy
  • 1. Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit

Was there a song missing from this Top 15 that you would like to see? Make sure to vote next year for the WRRV Labor Day Top 500. If you vote, you will have a say in how the entire 500 song list looks.