It may be the time for the "new year new you" phase. In my opinion, the calendar doesn't need to change in order for you to make a change, but that's an entirely different blog all together. Here are five Hudson Valley eateries that have great reviews on yelp and offer healthy food options if you still haven't taught yourself how to cook.

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    Not Just Salads

    Located on Quassaick Ave in New Windsor, Not Just Salads offers a menu that is more than just...well, you get it. This place is great with solid recommendations on Yelp. They offer take out & delivery which is perfect for those who can't cook but want to eat at home.

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    Mother Earth's Store House

    This healthy food market was founded in 1978 and has grown from one to three locations. I've been to Mother Earth's Store House in Poughkeepsie by The Galleria. It is where I learned about this miracle food called almond butter. They have their own cafe & deli that highlight different healthy dishes each week. It's a good place to start when you have little nutritional knowledge.

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    All Shook Up! Cafe & Juice Bar

    The first time I went here, I was amazed. It's a 50s malt shop style juice bar. Very clever concept and they specialize in juicing. They are located on Raymond Ave near Vassar College. It is the place I discovered kale and ginger root and the power they both offer. For someone who was raised on fast food, this cafe showed me the light as far as vegetable intake goes. It's hard to like kale, but when it's blended in a fresh smoothie for you, the right amount of fruit keeps the taste delicious and your food guilt subsided.

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    Pure City

    Are you a Chinese food junkie? Pine Bush has a healthier alternative. Pure City, located on Main Street offers a variety of food options to satisfy your cravings of the far east. According to their website, they only use 100% natural, vegetarian soybean ingredients, no saturated fat, low sodium, no cholesterol and MSG free. It sounds like heaven for those already vegan eaters, but for the rest of us it's an innovative healthier option.

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    Karma Road

    It's the talk of the town in New Paltz, well at least on social media. Their reviews all score high and most clients say their sweet potato biscuit is a must try for new customers. You can also find a lot of use of the healthy avocado fat in a lot of their dishes. If you've never tried avocado, you're missing out on life, but that's just my opinion. Karma Road is located on Main Street in downtown New Paltz.