The 1980's were a decade of big hair and excess and some of the language used doesn't translate well into modern times. Which is exactly why we need to bring some of these amazing words back into our everyday lives.

Here's a look at the fop five slang words from the 1980's that the Hudson Valley should consider bringing back (with a few honorable mentions below).

  1. Psych - You just got played. A friend has just led you to believe something and just when you're ready to accept that something as fact, the rug gets rip right out from underneath you. Official spelling: sike.
  2. No duh - The Urban Dictionary describes this one as 'a blunt reply to a statement that is obvious'. We enjoyed the fact that 'no s#$%' was listed as a synonym. No s&$@ indeed.
  3. Rad - Short for 'radical', this term was used when the word 'cool' just wasn't enough.
  4. Eat My Shorts - A term many think was popularized by Bart Simpson, but no! Yes, he used it. But the term first saw light of day in the classic Breakfast Club movie. Look it up or I'm cracking skulls.
  5. Gnarly - Apparently 'cool' just wasn't good enough in the 80's because here we find another substitute.

Honorable mentions: Tubular, gag me with a spoon, choice

One specific term from the 80s that doesn't need to be brought back because it never really went away. Often associated with 'valley girls', the word 'like' can still be heard in conversations across the Hudson Valley today. That doesn't make it ok., saying like unnecessarily.