Are boarding schools a thing of the past? Are they just something that you see on TV and in the movies? Believe it or not, there are many boarding schools in our area and they apparently aren't just for the financially elite.

What is a boarding school? From,

a school at which the pupils receive board and lodging during the school term


  • EF Academy in Thornwood
  • Millbrook School, Millbrook
  • New York Military Academy, Cornwall
  • Oakwood Friends Schools, Poughkeepsie
  • The Masters School, Dobbs Ferry
  • Chapel Field Christian School, Pine Bush
  • Storm King School
  • Dutchess Day School, Millbrook
  • Soundview Prepatory School, Yorktown Heights
  • Trinity Pawling School, Pawling

If you had to do it all over again and go back to school, would you consider a boarding or sleep away school? Do you think that you would get a better education? Do you think that the teachers and the curriculum would be tougher than going to a public school? Should these schools be required to have a certain amount of low income students attend?

Are boarding schools just something you see on TV or do you think that they are only for 'rich kids?' After chatting with a few people who went to 'sleep-over' schools, it turns out that the people that attended them, were from all walks of life, financial backgrounds and social standings.

The reason their parents thought they should attend a school of this kind? The perception that they were strict and that they would offer a better education than a local public or parochial school.

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