Well, we are in for it again! Right when the weather was starting to feel really nice and we thought Punxsutawney Phil might be wrong this year, Mother Nature reminds us that it isn't spring yet. Parts of the Hudson Valley are projected to see up to 16 inches of snow. Travel is not recommended and experts warn the snow will be difficult to shovel. The Weather Channel still believes most of the region could see around 1 foot of snow or more.

I think it is no secret by this point that I despise the winter, especially the snow. My parents always love to reference this old home video of ours from when I was three years old. My dad was out shoveling while I was playing in the snow. At one point, I go over to my mom's car and start trying to clean it, saying, "I'm going to make your car nice and neat, Mommy!"

Whatever happened to that young, naive boy, you may ask? He grew up with 24 New York winters where he shoveled and plowed snow through majority of them. How magical snow can be when you are a kid, but when you get older, it can be such a hindrance.

One saving grace through all of this is that there are a number of great Hudson Valley businesses that can help during situations like these. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, I think we have a pretty extensive list of high-rated landscaping and snow removal companies that should be able to fit your needs in your area. These snow removal companies all have a 4 Star Rating or higher on Google. If there are some other snow removal heroes out there, let us know!

17 Top Rated Snow Removal Companies in the Hudson Valley

These 17 snow removal companies in the Hudson Valley have a 4 Star Rating or higher on Google reviews. Be prepared for when the next snowfall hits!

(NOTE: The photos used in this gallery are stock photos and in no way are a direct representation of the companies listed in this article)

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