The list is controversial to some Middletown residents but the numbers online don't lie. Do you agree and what restaurants should we add?

Middletown, New York is sadly overlooked by the rest of the Hudson Valley very often. It's quite the hike for residents in Dutchess County but you really should make your way out there more frequently. Middletown is a large city with around 30,000 residents and they have so much to offer. One thing Middletown has is delicious restaurants.

Which restaurants are the best in Middletown?

When people have a great experience at a restaurant then they usually want to share it. Here are the 7 top-rated restaurants across Middletown, New York according to Yelp.

The Hudson Valley has so many great restaurants. Here is the list of the top-rated eateries in Middletown. There may be one or two of them that you haven't been to yet or even heard of yet.

After two years of getting takeout, many Hudson Valley residents are ready to move on from the COVD-19 pandemic and eat out once again. If you're going out to Middletown then you should be bold and try some of the highest-rated and most reviewed restaurants.

Here are the highest-rated restaurants on Yelp in Middletown. The list was determined by how many stars and reviews each place received. The top spots may not have the most stars but have a high rating for how many reviews the establishment was given by customers.

Middletown, New York's 7 Top Rated Restaurants

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