It's an event that may fly under the radar for most but that's something that needs to change as the Hudson Valley Chalk Festival is not to be missed. Need a few reasons why?How about TEN! Festival organizer Amanda Lipstein tells us why the festival is not like anything you've seen before and starts us off with our first reason you should check out the Hudson Valley Chalk Festival this weekend.

1. It's impermanent.

"The chalk festival combines two art forms ... visual and performing. The artist and viewer interact with each other in the act of creating .. Both with the knowledge that the work is impermanent."

Meaning if you don't come you wont be able to see it next year. One and your see it, now you don't! So get there and enjoy while you can.

2. You can interact with the artists and ask questions as they create their masterpieces.

This is no museum, we wont "shuh!" you and not only can you touch some of the art, you may even be able to add your own touch!

Chuck Merrihew

3. It brings the community together.

It's a fun filled day to relax, enjoy and congregate with your fellow New Yorker.

4. It isn't something you can see everyday.

This is no typical art festival. No frames, no stuffy art critics, no rules! Have fun! 

5. Seeing photos of the artwork doesn't compare to the actual pieces.

Now yes I have some great pictures from one of my favorite photogs Chuck Merrihew BUT you really can't appreciate these works of art until you see them in person.

Chuck the flesh!

6. The festival aims to inspire everyone to tap into their creative side.

Hang with the professionals, they'll often invite festival goers to work on their pieces with them. Again this ain't no art gallery folks!

Chuck Merrihew

7. There is live music!

It's not just a bunch of pretty pictures. There are some great local acts performing and entertaining throughout the weekend.

8. The best of the best are here!

Not only does the festival attract visitors from all over but the artists themselves are some of the top professional street painters in the world.

9. New Paltz is a pretty cool spot.

Water Street Market is a walkable European style market with locally owned small businesses. Again not just a place for art so check out the local community that surrounds the festival and take in some local treats, shopping and more.

Chuck Merrihew

10. It's fun!

Maybe the best reason! There's something for everyone, the art (of course), free face painting, shopping, food and drink, the chalk car (a car covered in chalkboard paint, very cool), live music, open chalking area (try your hand at being an artist), corn hole, a magician, and more.

Chuck Merrihew

So there you have it folks...ten amazing reasons you should check out the Hudson Valley Chalk Festival. For good measure though lets throw in one more reason....IT'S FREE! There, now you have no reason not to come and check it out. Again it's going down this weekend, July 22nd-24th 9am until dusk at the Water Street Market in New Paltz.