New York State has experienced some crazy weather lately and it's very important you know what to do when that happens.

A few years ago a tornado hit Connecticut when I was living there and it was pretty wild to experience it. I remember everything in the sky looked green and all of a sudden it sounded like a huge train was running through my yard for about two minutes. After that it was sunny, but the damage was terrible. My town had to declare a State of Emergency because of how bad it was and nobody could leave our road because all the trees were knocked down and blocked the exit.

So back to New York, it was super exciting that a heat wave hit New York last week ( I wish that kind of heat would stick around forever). Everyone knew at some point there was going to be one massive thunderstorm was going to happen because of it.

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There was something about the weather yesterday that just seemed odd. It was warm, cloudy, sunny and all of sudden it got really, really dark around the Hudson Valley. You could tell a big storm was brewing and when I looked on Facebook there were all kinds of alerts for a TORNADO.

There was a tornado waning, with the potential for hail and more.

I have family all across the country so I'm used to having to prepare for stormy weather, but it did make me wonder if people in New York know how to prepare if and when.a tornado hits. Some people think it will never happen here and I hate to tell you, but it has happened before.

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a storm that you're not prepared for.

How do you prepare for a tornado?

Here are some simple ways that you can prepare:

  • Make sure you get all state emergency notifications sent to your phone (
  • Have a first-aid kit ready
  • Create an emergency kit that includes bottled water, snacks and flashlights
  • Keep yourself updates on tornado warnings in the area with the news, radio or weather apps

These are important before steps before any storm warning or storm happens.

What do you do if a tornado hits in New York?

First and always is to try to stay as calm as possible so you can think clearly.

Some other things you NEED to do are:

  • Get to the basement or the lowest point of your home
  • Stay away from windows
  • Get out of any vehicle
  • Avoid places with wide-span roods (auditorium, large hallways, cafeteria)
  • Do NOT try to out run the tornado
  • Beware of flying debris

These tips are super important to follow if a tornado happens.

Tornados are scary, but being prepared for one will give you piece of mind and can help with your safety.

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