So, when I see that a national publication, in this case a website, says that a town I live near is 'The Place for Weekenders" I have to check it out. What do these "out of towners" know that we here in the Hudson Valley don't already know? 

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They probably do not know that I know the one place to almost always get a place to park in Rhinebeck?

So this is what TripAdvisor had to say about this one little Hudson Valley town, from the TripAdvisor email they said you can enjoy "artsy vibes and farm-to-table meals in Rhinebeck, NY"

Of course, they mentioned Samuel's Sweet shop. No, they did not mention that it is owned by actors (and occasional Hudson Valley residents) Paul Rudd, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton. The article mentioned how charming the store was and how one of the employees has worked there since he was 15.

To be fair to the article, the author's also mention visits to Red Hook and Tivoli. Here are a few places that they highlight, in addition to the Sweet Shop. Here are places listed to check out:

1. Mirbeau Inn & Spa
2. Hotel Tivoli
3. Greig Farm
4. Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill
5. Montgomery Place
6. Poets' Walk Park
7. Historic Village Diner
8. Whistlewood Farm B&B

What other places did the Weekender recommend? That's all the information I could get from them without having to sign up for additional bi-monthly emails.

However, I think that if they started to include places to eat in that same area, they would've had to mention:

  1. Rhinebeck Bagel (so good, cash only)
  2. The Falafel place (so amazing, this started out as a booth space on the weekly farmers market and then finally opened their own space.
  3. Bread Alone
  4. Holy Cow Ice Cream in Red Hook
  5. Mignerellis Farm Market, there are a few stands through out the Rhinebeck, Red Hook area.
  6. Bubbies Burritos in Red Hook
  7. is the Cat Cafe in Red Hook still open? That would be a great place to include if it was still open.
  8. Sipperly's Grog Shop in Red Hook.

What places do you think that TripAdvisor should include as places to visit in the Rhinebeck, Red Hook and Tivoli area? Share it with us!

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