One bite, everyone knows the rules but do the same rules apply when it comes to decadent desserts?

Barstool's Dave Portnoy, like always, has the answer. And the answer is yes. One bite, plus several others (if you know, you know) helped decided that one Capital Region restaurant served up a high-scoring piece of cake.

Portnoy has been rating and reviewing pizza all over the world. Whether they like their scores or not, the One Bite reviews generate a ton of buzz for small pizza places across the US. In November of 2021, El Presidente did 3 reviews in Northern Dutchess. In Rhinebeck, the Barstool personality stopped at Posto (8.2) and Village Pizza (7.2), then did a bonus One Bite apple review at Grieg Farm in Red Hook(9.9).

Obviously, the reviews aren't limited to just pizza and one restaurant in Troy, New York had Portnoy all messed up. So much so that he exclaimed a certain part of his male anatomy fell off.

The NSFW review takes place at Defazio's Pizza. While Dave is eating some pizza (shocker!) a waiter hands him a piece of cake and says "it's the Italian hangover cake." According to Defazio's website, the hangover cake is made up of homemade cake Disaronno, Gran Marnier, Vodka and Orange Juice.

Watch the review below (you've already been warned that it's NSFW, right?)

If a cake is that good, I too would like it to knock my body parts off. Is a 9.4 one of the highest scores ever received during a One Bite review? Quite possibly. I'm sure a stoolie will go ahead and correct me, so thank you in advance.

The pizza isn't too shabby either, Portnoy gave them an 8.2.

Is anyone ready for a Troy road trip?

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