So let's talk Turkey, that is Thanksgiving Turkey and what else people might be enjoying on the holiday table this Thursday. Turkey is the item we all expect to be served when we sit down at the Thanksgiving table but truth be told there are other items people enjoy just as much and it is becoming more common to serve them for the big dinner.

According to an article I found online by the NY Post Turkey has some competition this year. Alternative to turkey include Ham, Chicken and Roast Beef. Ham came in on top with 60 percent of the vote, chicken ranked second and roast beef ran a close third. The article also includes a statistic from Omaha Steak saying that 44 percent of Thanksgiving hosts will be serve a different main dish this year.

The article also goes on to discuss why a large group of people are regularly disappointed by Thanksgiving Dinner and sadly uncooked turkey delaying dinner is the biggest complaint. Other dinner troubles include no cranberry sauce and not enough seats at the main table.

So what will be on your table this year? I have attended celebrations that have included a Turducken (The famous chicken in a duck in a turkey). There was also the dreaded 1990 Salmon Thanksgiving. I don't know what they were thinking that year. And I remember as a child going to My Aunt's in New Jersey every year where we could always count on the Turkey and lasagna.

No matter what the main dish is my only request is that there are creamed (pearled) onions and brussel sprouts. Those two things along with the cranberry sauce shaped like the can and a bowl of black olive with the juice drained off says this is Thanksgiving Dinner.